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Hi SpaceX Team,

I am Abhishek Sharma, working in the space of heavy metal music in India.I would like to share one of my space themed songs to be licensed to SpaceX.

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I would like to collaborate with SpaceX for my song 'Vyom: Sound Of Space'. It's a beautiful heavy metal instrumental filled with melodies and sonic elements to 'feel' our infinite universe. 'Vyom' is derived from a sanskrit word 'Vyonam' which means sky/atmosphere. I have created a video featuring launch of 'Falcon' by SpaceX. I would like to license the same to SpaceX for using 'the song for their creatives.

Please see the video link below:


Born in a small town in India, fascinated by musical instruments since childhood, no one around ever understood what I liked. Then during my college in 2007, I got introduced to Iron Maiden. Mesmerized, I decided to pursue metal music for the rest of my life. However, being from an orthodox and conservative background, the resources and opportunities were not there. So, for me to pursue music; it was an Everest to climb. But, slowly and gradually I started to build my own ecosystem. My journey has given me unbelievable challenges but I decided to keep going no matter what and not give up.

My music entity is HIV (Heavymetal In Verse) and I like to create big-themed music and songs incorporating live beats and rhythms. A lot of the thought process behind my music is 'Universe' based which completely aligns with the beliefs and vision of SpaceX.  If SpaceX can envision putting humans on Mars, why can't a small-town guy put himself on the big podium of the music industry? To summarize my music journey:

- A mettle story:  An artist and musician from a small city in India, working since 2007 towards a very difficult genre of Heavy Metal for a country like India; despite having little to zero opportunities has not given up on his passion and beliefs

- Combining art with technology:  Human elements of playing live music - thumping drums and beats, melodic riffing guitars, thick basslines blended with virtual elements to fill the sonic space making it truly an artform

- Futuristic approach: Only artist from India who worked towards creating an ecosystem for online broadcasting of fully produced virtual concerts and therefore, very much inclined towards the tech for the upcoming Web 3.0 & Metaverse

HIV (Heavymetal In Verse):


I am a huge admirer of Mr. Elon Musk and SpaceX for their extraordinary contributions. It has given me so much inspiration to overcome the challenges and never give up on doing what I love the most.

If SpaceX decides to use my theme song for their creatives, it will give me a huge boost and open me up to the world of the global music industry. 

Also, the recent correspondence suggests Mr. Elon Musk taking DAO initiatives in the music tech space which will help eliminate the overlapping entities to create a better future for artists. 

I look forward to hearing from you...

If you liked my music and concept, I would kindly request a meeting/correspondence regarding the same. Thank you for your time.


- Abhishek Sharma

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