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HIV (Heavymetal In Verse) is a heavy metal band founded by Indian musician Abhishek Sharma during his college years in 2007. Over the years, HIV has developed into a solo project, one man band with Abhishek multi-tasking as drummer, songwriter, vocalist and producer. 


With the influences of metal hero's Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Metallica; Abhishek has followed the same path of pursuing metal from a small city in India, cutting its way through which proudly creates music with it's unique style of production and composing incorporating  live drums, dynamic songwriting and fresh melodies. HIV's music has the edge of being multi-linguist with songs written both in English & Hindi. Together with their community of fans it forms to become a 'troop' and therefore, hivtroop.

In 2021, HIV was recognized by Govt. Of Delhi, India to perform on the milestone on 75th Independence Day. Throughout the years, HIV has also performed concerts across various institutes and college festivals.

1. RESURRECTOR (Released - Studiolive version)

SINGLES: (Upcoming)
1. KYU

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