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Abhishek Sharma


I am a music producer, having over 15 years of work experience in the music and events space as part of my artistic journey in India.

My skills span over recording music, producing songs, building events and content creation. My independent journey has given me opportunity to understand the artistic field as product management which involves various parameters to be successfully implemented such as music creation, release, marketing, publicity, asset management, finance, operations and technology.

In 2020, when the music and event industry had shut down; I, utilized this time to develop the infrastructure for broadcasting fully produced real time online concerts. My effort was recognized by Govt. Of Delhi, India and I was invited to host a virtual concert on the milestone on 75Th Independence Day. I have also worked towards building physical events, conferences and concerts from scratch with activities involving sourcing and setting up gear, audio boards, lighting design, broadcasting A/V and associated routing and networking between different gears. I envision music entertainment industry to evolve and develop into virtual mode similar to gaming industry. The upcoming Web 3.0 also leverages in this direction. I firmly believe that if technology can be incorporated to the music space and new partnership models and strategies can be executed, it will create a radical change. I have also worked with several artists over the years and helped developed them to build better skills.

The creative thought process to keep evolving into new methods; understanding and analyzing every new development, talent and resource fuels me up. Music and entertainment are my passion and I look forward to working towards various aspects of music, entertainment and tech industry to make a significant contribution.


Abhishek Sharma




           +91 9729169890






Degree: Bachelors

(Computer Science)

Years: 2005 -2009




                  SOFT SKILLS

  • Problem solving abilities

  • Observational skills

  • Leadership experience

  • Communication skills

  • Positive attitude

  • Sense of Humor

  • Eager to learn and grow

  • Futuristic mindset

  • Highly focused

  • Priortizing tasks



  • Gaming

  • Watching sports


To revolutionize modern music industry. Highly motivated to contribute in the music, events and entertainment space with my skills as a producer leveraging latest technology.


  • Music creation: Over 50+ music tracks in rock and metal genre. Studio and live albums
    -  Producing one of a kind studio-live album 'Resurrector' where every instrument was recorded live performing in the same room, with no editing or post production
    - Music theory knowledge
    - Songwriting, Composing, Performing

    - Very unique style of producing and composing music incorporating live beats and rhythm patterns

  • Background score for local advertisements, audio syncing and tempo mapping

  • Music Production workflows techniques: Recording, Mixing and Mastering

  • Live and Studio operations and Event Production: Audio Engineer, Light Designer, Video Broadcasting, Networking, IT & Routing, Hardware & Software 

  • Music Management: Experienced with launching music on digital platforms through digital music aggregators and physical formats along-with asset management, keeping meta-data, ISRC, UPC

  • Envisioning and creating framework for online broadcasting fully produced real-time virtual concerts

  • Creating business strategies for making virtual events profitable

  • Content creation, digital marketing and social media campaigns pertaining to my independent artistic work

  • Artist collaborations: Recording different styles of artists and musicians. Insights into artist mindset, requirements, means and tools needed for their growth

  • A&R activities landscape: Tour Management, Budgeting, Compiling Credits, Collaborations with external partners and vendors

  • Band Management Operations: Finance, taxing and account management, website design, merchandising, copyrights, etc.

  • Data analysis and Interpretation, understanding shift in consumerism and analyzing latest trends in the music and entertainment industry

  • Knowledge of legal and contracts in the music industry such as Music Production Contracts, Record Label Contracts, Artist Management Contracts, Music Publishing Contracts, Tour and Concert Production Contracts, Split Sheets

HIVTROOP (2007 - Present)

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