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Hi Folks,

I would like to introduce myself and discuss a collaboration for breaking the ice for the Music NFTs in the Web 3.0 technology 

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Born in a small town in India, fascinated by musical instruments since childhood, saw motorhead playing for Triple H on TV and wanted to live that for the rest of my life but wait, what? There was no understanding of this kind of career around. This was before the internet era. Then I got my first computer in 2005 with an internet speed of 512 kbps and got introduced to the God of live metal music, Iron Maiden, and couldn't believe the world which already exists that I was unaware of. So, I took the call, saved my allowance to buy a second-hand local drum kit and secretly put it at my friend's place, and started to play. Then the second technology kicked in in the form of online shopping where I could actually buy a good pair of drumsticks and other equipment because before that I had to travel 200 miles just to get drumsticks to play. So, technology became a boon again. Then we entered the era of YouTube where you could learn those things which you couldn't learn before because of your demographics and even showcase yourself as well. So, from introduction to showcasing yourself; the only thing missing in the journey is making money from this amazing artform. Now, cut to the current era of upcoming Web 3.0, NFT is looking like a big hope for artists like me from a place where living this dream was not even an option let alone making money. I hope NFT will turn out to be the last link missing in a small-town dream.

WEB 3.0 | NFT's

The Web 3.0 & crypto technology is really something to look forward to as an artist.
I would like to collaborate for my song 'Vyom: Sound Of Space' for an NFT project on your platform. It is a heavy metal instrumental filled with melodies and sonic elements to 'feel' our beautiful and infinite universe. It's an experience to take you through the journey of the universe and go closer to the almighty. 'Vyom' is derived from the Sanskrit word 'Vyoman'; which means sky/atmosphere.

- In Web 2.0 giants like YouTube and Spotify brought the revolution for artists to put their music across the world podium
- The biggest problem?: Not enough opportunities for artists to make money
- The biggest question?: Can NFT solve this problem?



Web 3.0 music techs work towards the direction of deriving monetization for the artist by directly collaborating, investing, and developing them initially to build the momentum in the market and giving end-users the worth of investing in new artists
- Break past the prejudice and gain the trust of the masses by getting going careers of fresh and unique artists
- After all, what does an artist want:?
  1. Recognition (obviously) 
  2. Money (which everyone ignores)

HIV (Heavymetal In Verse):

A mettle story:  An artist and musician from a small city in India, working since 2006 towards a very difficult genre of Heavy Metal for a country like India; despite having little to zero opportunities in the country has not given up on his passion and beliefs
Combining art with technology:  Human elements of playing live music - thumping drums and beats, melodic riffing guitars, thick basslines blended with virtual elements to fill the sonic space making it truly an art form that cannot be duplicated ultimately meaning a true value for a collector
Futuristic approach: Single independent artist from India who worked towards creating an ecosystem for online broadcasting of fully produced virtual concerts and therefore, very much inclined towards the tech for the upcoming Metaverse era.
Offering multi-lingual music catalog: A unique artist offering music in two languages - English & Hindi comprising over 30 songs


If it is demonstrated that even an artist from a small city in India can sell his music through a new revolutionary concept, then more and more people would start to trust Web 3.0. There are many likes of the artist creating music and putting it on streaming platforms, earning nothing will start using Web3.0 and NFT marketplaces to 'earn' from their artforms and collectors will gain the satisfaction of 'owning' a true value art.

+91 - 9729169890


Looking forward to new and exciting opportunities within Web 3.0. Let's connect.


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